Fro believes that fathers are leaders, teachers, role - models, motivators, nurturers and parents to their children.

Fathers are NOT babysitters or part - timers! Fathers should not be treated as such.


FRO is made up of supportive & caring people who understand the struggles that fathers endure in family court.  We hope to help, support and encourage you for what is best for your situation. Not every situation is the same for everyone.

*We do NOT provide legal consultation.

Children who grow up without fathers are statically proven to have high rates of teen pregnancy, suicide, drug & alcohol abuse, eating disorders and anger problems. This is why fatherlessness is not just an individual family problem, but a community problem that effects us as a whole.

FRO was created in 2014 and is a 501c3 organization that relies soley upon donations from our community. We are always accepting donations in any amount, made payable to Fathers Rights Org.

Mailing address is: 5330 Heatherdowns Blvd

Suite # 205

Toledo, OH 43614

Your donation(s) is tax deductible and we provide all donors with the proper tax ID documentation.

* All donation funds go directly towards working with local fathers.